Dubai & UAE

Baggage Shipping
Less than a container load/Groupage (share a container services)
Full Container Loads (FCL)
Importing Personal and Household effects into Dubai and the Emirates
All used household and personal effects are exempted of Duty. Brand new items will attract customs duty.
All customers have to be present in the UAE at the time of customs clearance.
All shipments must arrive preferably within a month of shippers arrival in the UAE.
Documents Required
Copy of passport with Stamped Visa.
Prohibited Goods
Weapons and firearms real or ornamental.
Military Uniforms or Equipment.
Narcotics of any kind including poppy seeds and flowers
Medicines in large quantities even if obtained under prescription.
Radio transmitters and communication equipment.
Statues and figures of animals with religious undertone
Carvings and statues of humans especially nudes
Foodstuff in large quantities
Religious books other than dealing with Islamic beliefs
Inflammable goods and substances
Restricted Items
Records, Tapes, Films, Photographs, Books Magazines
Transit Times
Groupage – share a container service to 6-10 weeks door to door
Sole use containers 2 to 6 weeks port to port. There is a weekly service for FCL’s.
Transit times do vary depending on customs or immigration delays, weather conditions, time of year and the volumes being shipped. For up to date information please call your local Simply Ship office.
Customs Clearance
Customs clearance will take between 5 to15 days, and will depend upon the volumes at customs, X-raying of Goods customs inspection of goods, etc
Services at Destination
When you goods have been customs cleared our agent will arrange delivery of your shipment. Goods will be delivered to your new home, and will be placed as directed by you, unwrapped, unpacked and waste packing materials will taken away for disposal.
This only applies to shipments that have been paid DOOR to DOOR. Baggage shipments and self packed boxes will be delivered only, we will always unwrap furniture and dispose of the waste wrapping material.

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Customers effects being loaded into a shipping container

Internanional Removalist Packer securing loaD

Car being loaded into shipping container and strapped down

Container closed and sealed and ready to be taken to ship

We also send effects by air We also can send your effects by airfreight

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